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    • Multiplication table
      Characteristics of multiplication process
    • Beginning Sounds Practice
      Beginning sounds practice activities with lots of containers and reward sounds.
    • Sound Quest Phoneme Isolation
      Throughout this flipchart students will practice isolating the initial, medial, and final phonemes in words.
    • Robert Munsch Author Study
      A flipchart to teach about Robert Munsch
    • Adding Three One-Digit Numbers
      Introduce students to adding three one-digit numbers
    • Polygons, Shapes and Polyhedron
      Students learn all about different Geometric Shapes and how to identify them using their various attributes.
    • Line plots
      promethean board lesson for line plots
    • How to Tell the Difference Between a Pyramid and a Prism
      In this activity students are introduced to the ways pyramids and prisms are alike and different.
    • 2D and 3D Shapes….I Have…..Who Has..Game
      This is a fun math geometry vocabulary game. It woks on the I Have...Who Has Framework.
    • A level Respiration Worksheet
      To go with IWB provided
    • Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
      This is a graphic from the Washing Post that shows how deep in the ocean it is suspected that Malaysian Flight 370 is.
    • Past, Present and Future
      activities looking at the definition of past present and future dipping into families
    • Morning Calendar and Activities
      On-line resources Clip Art I-Tunes Active Inspire Tools
    • Central Dogma of Biology
      Interactive flipchart that teacher uses to review cell parts, and students move the revealers to find the information.
    • Protein Synthesis; DNA and Cell Review
      This is meant as a cell review and introduction to protein synthesis
    • Vanuatu Postage
      Numeracy & Literacy activities for ActivBoard based on Vanuatu stamps & postal charges. Flipchart, weblinks and templates.
    • Ninety Six
      Photo of Cabin at Ninety Six Revolutionary Site in South Carolina
    • Ninety Six Cabin
      Photo of the inside of a cabin at Ninety Six, SC
    • Ninety Six In the Foot Steps
      Plague that shows the footsteps of an average soldier as compared to a child's feet of today.
    • Stiltsville, Key Biscayne-Florida
      The remaining homes at Stiltsville in Key Biscayne, FL
    • Inventions
      Use ancient innovations and the Industrial Revolution to inspire students to create something of their own.
    • Winter Holidays
      It's chilly outside but lessons are warming up with our Winter Holidays theme!
    • Halloween & Harvest
      Prepare for a spooky halloween & harvest period with this Planet theme!
    • Poetry
      Browse through a collection of resources and ideas to teach your students about the art of poetry.
    • Music
      Fill your classroom with the sound of music through this Music theme.
    • World War I & II
      Resources and ideas for teaching about World War I and II in your classroom, featuring resources from Planet partner, Imperial War Museum.
    • Space
      Take your class on a voyage of discovery as we explore the solar system.
    • Counting
      Make the numbers add up for your young learners with this counting theme!
    • Earth Day
      Resources for teaching about the Earth, conservation, global warming and more.
    • World Religions
      From Hinduism to Christianity, learn about world religions in this theme.
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